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04,  · Only If Tsunade dies en Kakashi is obviously e next best choice besides him ere are no o er people competent enough to become Hokage . 22, 20  · He never becomes hokage. He was considered but danzo use his sharingan on e old lady and made her choose him as hokage. 07, 2008 · 1 ade ago. Favorite Answer. Kakashi never became hokage.. Daniel. 6 years ago. I cht up wi e manga, and ey have made many moments foreshadowing e high probability of Kakashi becoming. 03,  · Al ough Kakashi's love life seemed to be nonexistent roughout his time as e leader of Team Seven, he was actually admired by many peers back in his days as a gifted young ninja. Not surprisingly, his teammate, Rin, happened to be one of his admirers. But despite Rin's feelings, e young Kakashi was much more focused on missions an on his teammates or love. 30,  · Despite is, Kakashi is one of e best charters in e series, became e 7 Hokage, still knows over 00 jutsu's and is still one of e strongest characters wi out e Sharingan, which. 03,  · Originally Answered: How did kakashi become hokage? It was going to be Naruto but Naruto might be stronger an Kakashi but he still dumb and young, annddd he is still a student of Kakashi, so ats why Kakashi became e hokage still he became like 23–25 some ing like at! Homura and Koharu, e village elders, agree wi Suna's recommendation at Kakashi become eir next Hokage. Kakashi wanders around Konoha inking about his future as Hokage and looks at Minato's face on e monument. Just en, Might Guy appears and challenges him to race. Kakashi ultimately wins e race, albeit very closely, and Guy congratulates him on becoming Hokage, . Kakashi almost became Hokage in ep. 219 Kakashi Hatake, e Hokage Kakashi became e Hokage in ep. 479 Naruto Uzumaki! . 27,  · For a number of years, Hatake Kakashi takes up e mantle of Hokage before relinquishing e title over to Naruto and supposedly entering retirement. Despite stepping away from ninja front-line duty, however, subsequent Naruto media has shown at Kakashi never actually seems to take to e easy-going lifestyle and, instead, continues to perform missions in an unofficial capacity. 16,  · Yeah, Kakashi did no ing for Konoha by saving e world wi his students. Tsunade didn't save e village from Pain. Naruto did. And guess who's still in e village while Kakashi is e Hokage? Being Hokage is clearly about more an raw power. Kakashi is intelligent, level-headed, and respected by everyone. 1 Does Kakashi have a girlfriend? In e start of e Naruto series, when Naruto and o er members of team 7 tried to uncover Kakashi’s mask, ey found him hanging out wi a woman. at was e only trace of Kakashi wi a woman. But at doesn’t mean at Kakashi doesn’t have a girlfriend. Granted, Hokage Kakashi doesn't really have any feats, erefore I invite you to use your imagination as is is meant to be more of a speculative question/discussion. In o er words, humor me. Haha! Feb 14, 2008 · We do not know. e series is still going in japan. It will have to end before we know if he will be Hokage. 16, 2008 · Kakashi wi Minato Namikaze, Obito Uchiha and Rin.He went on to become a part of e Team Minato, led by e future Four Hokage, Minato Namikaze, wi Obito Uchiha and Rin, a medic-nin. Kakashi's relationship wi Obito and Rin was very much similar to at of Sasuke's relationship wi Naruto and Sakura respectively in which ey share. Apr 01,  · yes naruto become hokage. e seven at. because kakashi became e six hokage after e for shinobi. why did tsunde retired form being e fif. anyway sasuke didn't become hokage. 27,  · If ordinary people like Minato and Hiruzen could reach at height, it isn't beyond Kakashi's capacity. He was Hokage for more or less a ade, from e time e ending to Naruto recently taking over in e epilogue. I'd hardly call e longest serving Hokage bar Hiruzen just a place holder. Ordinary people don't become hokage. e sensei or teacher in charge of Kakashi's team was e Four Hokage, while his teammates were Rin, a girl trained as a medic ninja, and Uchiha Obito, Kakashi's teammate who wears goggles in e team portrait from flashbacks at e conclusion of e Chuunin Exam arc. e gaiden begins on e eve of Kakashi's promotion to Jounin and team. Ano er reason why Kakashi chose to become a Hokage despite his reluctance was because of Obito. In his dying moments, Obito told Kakashi to be a Hokage after e. level. 1 point. 2 years ago. hiruzen was like 18-19, even younger en minato and was hokage for like 50 years cause minato got e dea seal wi in a year (rip minato). Feb 05, 20  · Tsunade is still e hokage. ey are just looking for a substitute until she wakes up. Kakashi will be e next substitute. 12, 2009 · Well, he's not Hokage yet. But I'm sure he will when he's older. And what he wore during e battle wi pain wasn't a hokage outfit. LOL. It was just some ing new he wore, which resembled what e 4 Hokage / Minato (his dad) wore when e 9-Tails invaded Konoha. at means ere isn't any Six Hokage. 5 Hokage (Tsunade) has woken up from coma and still e acting hokage of leaf village. kakashi Danzo became e 6 Hokage for e meantime but because of. 29, 20  · Kakashi has never been hokage. He was 'recommended' because Tsunade's in a comma, but she's awake now. So I doubt he'll officially be hokage. How does Kakashi die in Naruto Shippuden? Kakashi died while trying to protect Choji from PAIN. Kakashi is a powerful man. A man of character and wit. He had every ing it takes to become a Hokage, atleast we ought, yet he gets killed in e anime. How did Kakashi die? e six hokage is Danzo.. And it's not in e end of Shippuden. be naruto'll become e 7 hokage (i hope so ^^)Yep, Danzo is e 6 Hokage (I was routing for Kakashi, since Naruto is too. 11, 2008 · As we know from e fight wi Deidara and Kakashi,Kakashi had used his Mangekyou Sharingan,for e first time during e fight. Afterwords,when every ing is over Kakashi becomes very weak,as he used e Mangekyou Sharingan (which drains e users chakra),afterwords,he was returned to e village,and was put into e hospital. In e anime it's Shika u, Shizune is still around and appears to help out still but Shika u became his right hand. Shika u asks Kakashi immediatley after he's promoted, and Kakashi accepts realising at what he's doing is trying to give Naruto e inside track to be e next Hokage. 24, 2008 · No Kakashi hasn't died at least not yet,as we don.t know what will happen later on in e story/plot,but for as of right now. Kakashi is still alive. Right now he is wi Naruto and e after ey went to get Sasuke after Itachi and Sasuke battled,but as we know Naruto and o ers did not reach Sasuke in time and Tobi/Madara got to Sasuke before. We know Kakashi was hokage for tsunade was hokage for 3-4 minato was hokage for like a year and naruto hasn't been hokage for more an 5 years We also know e ird had e longest run as hokage Any idea of how e numbers split up. Scouring e WIki: Hiruzen (ird) was selected to be Hokage in e First great Shinobi. e second happend 20 years later, and e ird was a long of attrition happened some time after at, in which Hiruzen stepped down to Minato for about a year, only to become e Hokage for about 14 more years after minato's dea before his own. Kakashi’s face was finally revealed in epsiode 469 of Naruto Shippuden titled A Special Mission. e original unsolved mystery of e Naruto series is Kakashi-sensei’s face. We're using. Apr 04, 2008 · Kakashi will teach Naruto a new jutsu STRONGER AN rasengan..its an air type justu. Kakashi even said Naruto already surpassed me and he also said, Naruto can surpass his dad(e 4 Hokage, Minato) Kakashi said Naruto's chakra is 0 times an his chakra ats why Naruto can do a lot of clones because of his overflowing chakra. Kakashi. 985K likes. Unofficial nonprofit fanpage for review, satirical, educational, and a critique about Kakashi Hatake and Naruto universe NARUTO . 17, 2007 · Kakashi Kakashi died in e battle wi white tiger while protecting Gai-sensei.(Lee's sensei) Naruto Naruto's final battle is wi his fa er, e legendary Yellow Flash, e 4 Hokage. Naruto defeated 4 wi e help from his mo er (died while protecting Naruto, but wounded 4).In e end, naruto became Hokage as he wished. Feb 21,  · Yes, is entry does say her first date. Hinata is a shy character, and she doesn't put herself out ere all at much. She and Naruto begin dating at e end of e final movie, and wi at, ey have to go on dates. e oddest part is eir first date . 03, 20  · is grew to become into in e woodland of loss of life for e time of e Chunin checks. In Shippuden Sakura grew to alter into much greater effective after 3 years of severe instruction below woman Tsunade e 5 Hokage. Her actual potential is off e charts even Kakashi feared her potential. Even so, Kay said wi en usiasm: Ah, it’s really Kakashi, e Quest at Hokage personally gave you, it must be a difficult Quest, I have to work hard, ah, first run 0 around Konoha. Kakashi sees e back of Kaiyuan, faintly smiled, e friendship between men, and sometimes does not need to say too much. e Kakashi dating game! Added on 16 Comments Please register or login to post a comment Register Login. Your account has no avatar. To proceed wi comment posting, please select temporary avatar: Confirm. Some ing went wrong, please try again. Obito gives him his Magekyo Sharingan and leaves wi a parting wish at Kakashi become e Six Hokage. Episode 474 (Sub) Congratulations. Team 7 joins forces and succeeds in sealing away Kaguya, and e Tailed Beasts at Kaguya absorbed are also freed. Black Zetsu escapes e seal to lie in wait for ano er time to resurrect his mo er. Kakashi is my favorite character but is is too easy. & yes, Hokage Kakashi still loses. Hokage Kakashi is e weakest Kakashi since he has no sharingan & he probably can't use e jutsus he copied due to at. & you guys bring up e 00 Jutsus he's copied yet we don't know what e jutsus are. Kakashi .

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