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AA MEETING FORMAT: Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous, is is an (open) meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Would all who care to please join me in opening wi a moment of silence for ose who are still sick and suffering, bo in and out of e rooms, followed by e Serenity Prayer. SUGGESTED OPEN MEETING FORMAT Welcome to e _____ group of Alcoholics Anonymous. is is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are glad you are all here – especially newcomers. In keeping wi our singleness of purpose and our ird Tradition which states at e only requirement for.A. membership is a desire to stopFile Size: 8KB. meeting format for an open 12 step meeting Open 12 step meetings are at e core of many church-based recovery ministries. Modeled after e customs and group dynamics of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, ese meetings allow participants to practice e Christian disciplines of confession, testimony and prayer in a safe and confidential environment. Brought to you by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., Meeting Guide is a free of charge meeting finder app for iOS and Android at provides meeting information from.A. service entities in an easy-to-access format. Meeting Guide syncs wi area, district, intergroup/central offices and international General Service Office websites. Sample Group Meeting Format 1. Good Evening! is is e regular meeting of e _____ Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. My name is _____. I am an alcoholic and your Secretary. 2. is is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are glad you are all here - especially newcomers. In keeping wi our singleness of purpose. ,  · Types Of AA Meetings. AA meeting format differs from group to group, and it is important to choose e right approach for each individual. Alcoholics Anonymous ga erings share e same ideology and hold anonymity and respect in e highest regard. Open Meetings. AA open meetings invite everyone willing to observe how e program functions. A Suggested Format for Conducting an.A. Meeting. Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. is is e regular meeting of e _____ group of Alcoholics Anonymous. My name is_____and I am an alcoholic and your Secretary. 2. Let us open e meeting wi a moment of silence to do wi as you wish followed by e Serenity Prayer: God. AA-Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Format: AA PREAMBLE. HOW IT WORKS. TWELVE STEPS. TWELVE TRADITIONS. E PROMISES. E TWELVE CONCEPTS. E BIG BOOK. FA ER TIN & E 12 STEPS. E PREAMBLE. Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share eir experience, streng and hope wi each o er at ey solve eir . Service pamphlet offering suggestions on how to conduct.A. meetings for beginners. Printing a single copy of is item is permitted, in accordance wi e.A. World Services, Inc. Content Use Policy. of ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS / JOHNSTOWN, PA. JOHNSTOWN, PA. MENU Meeting Readings. Printable versions of common readings for meetings in our district. Preamble How it Works 12 Steps 12 Traditions Promises (9 Step) More About Alcoholism A Vision for You. If you want to drink, at's your business. If you want to quit drinking, at's our business. AA Meeting Format: What Goes On at an AA Meeting? AA meetings are usually opened by e chairperson reading a set format, such as a short welcome speech. is is followed by a series of readings by different people, usually e 12 steps e AA program is based on and be e 12 traditions or some o er reading common to e AA program. Suggested Virtual Meeting Script [Good morning/afternoon/evening], and welcome to e regular meeting of e [_____] group of Alcoholics Anonymous. My name is[_____]and I’m an alcoholic. Ours is [an open/a closed] meeting of AA. [Attendance at closed meetings is limited to persons who have a desire to stop drinking. ] We are. AA Meeting Structure. AA MEETING STRUCTURE.. Meeting needs to be in a quiet uninterupted room at fixed times. 2. Welcome - Chairperson starts e meeting on time by giving a welcome like I am Bob, an alcoholic. I would like to welcome you to e Monday evening Narcology Centre meeting. We would like to give a special welcome to new. Meeting Format: All meetings are 1-hour long wi a chairperson at follows a format. e eoretical attendance limit is 25 (Skype's limit), but can range from 15 . A.A. Meeting Format Additions for Online Meeting (Zoom) Use your regular meeting format wi ese helpful additions, as ranted. CHAIR: [Please use e mute all function as e facilitator to mute everyone.Before e meeting begins, please ask someone to read e preamble and all e custo y literature of your meeting. Alcoholics Anonymous Literature Re-open meeting format. (Ten minutes prior to e end of e meeting, pass e 7 tradition basket and read): Our seven tradition states at every NA group should be fully self-supporting, lining outside contributions. e money collected goes to pay rent and literature e rest is passed on rough. e OIAA Directory features 1,000+ meetings worldwide, listed below and adjusted for your timezone. You can filter by day, format, or language—or search by meeting name. You can also change timezones, or select e filter, 24/7, for meetings (email, chat, etc) available anytime. e pri y purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous is for AA members to stay sober and help o ers to achieve sobriety. Sharing in AA Meetings: A Few Helpful Guidelines e group usually sets a time limit for sharing to allow more people to have a chance to share. Eleven Step Guidance Meeting Big Book Format. Good (morning) (afternoon) (evening) my name is _____ and I will be you facilitator for is Eleven Step Guidance Meeting. Please help me open is meeting wi a moment of silence followed by e Serenity Prayer. (Serenity Prayer.). Feb 28,  · e AA meeting format is an informal getting toge er of individuals and going rough certain steps wi e ultimate objective of quitting alcohol. e meetings offer a supportive environment to individuals in various stages of recovery. Alcoholics who are still drinking but have a strong desire to quit are encouraged to attend.Reviews: . STATE IS MEETING’S CHOICE: [Some meetings vary or combine options, as ided by group conscience. Sample options are listed below.] Step and Tradition Meetings: is is a Step meeting. We are reading Step _____ and/or Tradition _____. [Leader begins reading from e Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous.File Size: 1MB. My Experience At An AA Meeting Essay Sample. I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. e meeting I attended was on a Monday night at 8:00pm and it was an open lead meeting. It was a very interesting experience for me. I have never been to an AA meeting, so . To join e meeting: You will need a computer, tablet or s tphone. Find a Zoom meeting close to you and on e day/time you need on e AA website ‘Find Meetings’ page.. Click on e green ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ button shown. An alcoholics anonymous (AA) sign-in/attendance sheet is a unified form at is used to record attendance at AA meetings. Whe er you are mandated to attend or simply trying to maintain good habits, is sheet is an easy way to keep all meetings logged in a single place. 12 Step discussion meeting: is is an OPEN meeting of alcoholics anonymous. A recurring discussion in e format of a book study. Meeting opens wi selected reading from AA approved literature, followed by topic discussion of e steps. Note: no prior. Whereas open meetings allow anyone interested in e program to attend, e closed meeting format is open only to ose who identify emselves as having a substance abuse issues. Wi e closed meeting format, it provides e addict or alcoholic e freedom at is necessary to share openly on a more personal and intimate level. 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, Big Book, Discussion, English, Grapevine, Living Sober, Online Meeting, Speaker, Step Meeting 12:05 PM Rochester AA Online 12:05pm - Turning Point Online Meeting. e meeting begins wi e chairperson reading e AA Preamble, en leading a group prayer, e Serenity Prayer (short version), which about 80 of e people recite. Afterd, different members of e meeting read brief AA literature, How It Works, e Twelve Traditions and e Promises.. A meeting agenda. You’ll need a meeting agenda (or format) of course. You can use my group’s agenda (Hamilton We Agnostics Meeting Format) and adapt it to suit your new group’s desires and needs. Registration and publicity! You will want to get e word out about your meeting so ose who need it can attend. Meetings Menu Toggle. Printable Meeting List. Readings Menu Toggle. Serenity Hall Whittier – Secretary Format. Serenity Hall Leader Format. AA Opening Prayer. Alcoholics Anonymous Chapter 3 Reading. Alcoholics Anonymous Chapter 5 Reading. Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Traditions. Alcoholics Anonymous A Vision For You. Alcoholics Anonymous Promises. 26,  · AA members hold business meetings, often called steering committee meetings, to address all aspects of business directly related to AA meetings. Such items include, but are not in any way limited to voting for steering committee officers (trusted servants), changing e format and time of meetings, group finances and planning group events. To be a chairperson, secretary, or lead for an AA meeting, you have certain responsibilities. Hereinafter, we refer to it as Chairing. Chairing is an honor, and should be treated as such. Do not take lightly e responsibility. You have surely heard at e newcomer is e most important person in e room. Re-open meeting format. (Ten minutes prior to e end of e meeting, pass e 7 tradition basket and read): Our seven tradition states at every NA group should be fully self-supporting, lining outside contributions. e money collected goes to pay rent and literature e rest is passed on rough e NA service structure to help. Our online AA meetings are registered wi e AA Online Intergroup. Note: Online AA Meeting times are listed in e meeting calendar (Eastern Time Zone). However, is is an OPEN online AA meeting room, running 24/7. During non-meeting times, is room will . is is an open AA meeting. is meeting is NOT a Christian-only[ ] 5:00 pm NA – Clean and Sober Happy Hour NA – Clean and Sober Happy Hour. 3 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Description: e Clean and Sober Happy Hour meeting is for ose in all stages of recovery from narcotics. Meeting Chair: Nikki Meeting Type: is is a closed NA meeting. Extract of sample Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Reaction Paper Download file to see previous pages e meeting began wi e leader explaining at ere were two students in attendance and stated at it would be a speaker week. It was clear at leadership and collective ision making existed in e group (Spencer, ). Additionally. 06,  · 7. e Sample FA Meeting Format suggests sharing after e break. Smaller meetings choose to read literature if ere are limited numbers of FA members able to share. 8. Print using a 14-point font to make e format easier to read. Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share eir experience, streng and hope wi each o er at ey solve eir common problem and help o ers to recover from alcoholism. AA gets ready to re-open in person meetings. Saturday 8:00PM CET meeting format. group conscience meeting format. Please send group conscience minutes to [email protected] Home: AA Website: Acessibility Statement. Skype: Contact Web Manager: To Participate. Whe er open or closed A. group meetings are conducted by.A. members who determine e format of eir meetings. Reprinted from e.A. Group Where It All Begins, p. 13, wi permission of.A. World Services, Inc. Meeting Formats Most 12 step groups have some suggested formats for meetings and offer meeting documents. e links listed on e bottom right side are to meeting documents or information about meeting formats for different types of recovery groups. Feb 13,  · A Sample NA Meeting Format. A generic Narcotics Meeting usually starts by e head of e groups, reading of a few lines of introduction. e participants ei er choose to share eir stories of addiction and eir fight against it or ey choose to listen to e stories of e companions. A sample NA Meeting format can be broken down into six. Our AA Meetings Online Schedule: all of our AA meetings online are open to e public 24/7, 365, from anywhere. Pick any Topics. Simple, easy, fast, secure, an d mobile phone user frien d ly. Online AA Meetings Format: AA OPEN Discussion Topics Forum (DF) aka Message Board Meetings. Established Monday, 2nd, 2005. A Home ‘Home’ Group online. AAOnlineMeeting is an English speaking, Skype based online Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. Skype AA meetings operate similarly to face-to-face meetings. Our purpose is to carry e message of recovery to e alcoholic who still suffers. We use a Skype conference call, audio only, no video.

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