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IS man who claims to be a time traveller has reportedly passed a lie-detector test while revealing weirdly specific ings about e future. Staff writers News Corp Australia Network February 14. Feb 13,  · A man who claims he is from e year 2030 - and has revealed a number of predictions for e future - has undergone a lie detector test and 'PASSED'. 19,  · A man claiming to be from 2021 has 'revealed' what e future has in store for us. e Mirror reports at e mystery man said he suffers from anorexia and depression, and claims he is actually a 50-year-old man who took a drug to make himself appear 25. According to e Mirror, e website Paranormal Elite received a phone call from e man, claiming to be from e yearAu or: Joe Vesey-Byrne. Feb 13,  · A man who claims to be a time traveler from e year 2030 has apparently passed a lie detector test when giving a handful of predictions about e future.. e man, known only as Noah. A Wyoming man accused of public intoxication allegedly told police he traveled from e year 2048 to n mankind of an impending invasion by extraterrestrials. Casper Police Department Bryant Johnson was arrested for public intoxication on Monday, but allegedly not before attempting to n e people of Casper, Wyoming, at aliens are coming. 19,  · A MAN who claims to have travelled back in time from years in e future has risked his life to deliver a dire ning for humanity – he claims. In a video clip ought to be filmed in a park in Armenia, he shows an image he claims to have taken of L.A. in e future, when e whole city will be underwater. I was standing on a huge wooden. 19,  · Man who claims he is a time traveller from 2028 reveals what e future has in store Noah, who has anorexia and depression, claims time travel is Au or: Anna Slater. 19,  · A MAN claiming to be a time traveller from e year 2030 has revealed what lies in store for us after getting stuck in . e alleged time traveller, who supposedly calls himself &. Feb 14,  · A MAN who claims he’s from e year 2030 reportedly passed a lie detector test – and made a series of startling predictions for humanity. e self-styled time-traveller, who calls himse. 04,  · A man who claims he’s from e future passes ‘lie detector test’ wi flying colours. A MAN claiming to be a time traveller from ano er planet has allegedly passed a lie detector test. A 'time-traveller' who says he is from e future has passed a lie detector test after claiming Donald Trump will be re-elected and Artificial Intelligence will take over.. In a startling YouTube. Feb 08,  · Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from e future (April Fools!) Eloi Cole, a strangely dressed young man, said at he had travelled back in time to prevent e LHC from Au or: Nick Hide. e man who allegedly traveled to e future and back. Al Bielek discusses all of what he remembers from 6 weeks he spent in e year 2137 and two years he spent in 1749., e story behind is man is beyond fascinating and many have claimed e accounts Bielek has spoken about are already happening or will occur in e near future. From a new world order to devastating climate change taking. OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) - Police arrested an Oklahoma City man who claimed to be from e future and ano er planet, after he allegedly jumped behind e counter of a fast-food restaurant and stole. Apr 20,  · Oklahoma man who claims to be from e future arrested for stealing meat from Arby's An Oklahoma City man who says he is from an apocalyptic future spent his . Subscribe For Future Videos: // Well is isn't good news. A man claiming to be a time traveller from e year 6000 has offered a chilling vision of e future. Obviously. He was featured in a video by e Youtube channel ApexTV, a channel at deals in 'paranormal and mysterious videos'. In e footage e man's face is blurred. e man, known only as Edd, claims he was part of a top secret experiment while working at a laboratory in LA back in 2004 at allowed him to time travel to e future. Feb 14,  · Man Claims He’s A Time Traveler: Passes Polygraph, Says Trump Will Win Election & AI Will Take Over. Odd. Chrissie Williams. A time traveler who says he’s from e year 2030 has allegedly passed a lie detector test to prove his au enticity. He claimed at Donald Trump would be re-elected in and artificial intelligence will. In his writings, he claims to have awakened in e body of a man, Andrew Nor man, in e year 3906 AD. According to e au or, when awakened in e future, people realized at it was not Nor man, and told him e events during e future period. Alleged time-travel technology Die Glocke. 25,  · He claims he’s here from e year 2028, and has seen America’s future. He and a handful of o ers were sent back to to change ings. e man who calls himself Vissarion was born Sergey Anatolyevitch Toro, and while he claims at his mo er is y he admits he had a biological mo er as well. e man who calls himself Vissarion was born Sergey Anatolyevitch Toro. Toro, now 56, was a soldier in e Red Army before e Cold ended, and worked as a traffic policeman until 1989. Apr 05,  · Al Bielek: e man who claimed to have traveled to e future and remained 2 years in e 2749. April 5, by Michael. A 57-year-old man named Al Bielek, who had suffered a severe amnesia for years, began to remember several hidden passages of his life, so he went to various erapies to unlock his memory. ese involved time travel programs which he claims he was also participating. Bielek says at he went to s many times. Also, he visited e year 0,000 BC to observe a research station and e year 6037 to regain technology. is man also said e US will suffer a disastrous blow in e next years which will completely alter its landscape. is Man Claims He is From e Year 6000 And He Has A Photo To Prove It. by Elzaan Van der merwe. Around e world you will hear more and more people coming for, saying at ey time traveled. ey ei er jumped into a time machine, I don't know where ey got it, or ey were abducted by aliens who wanted to pick eir brains and show em. Claim: A video shows a time traveler from 2045 sharing important information about artificial intelligence, robots, and humanity in general.Not True. We recently interviewed a man named James Oliver who claims to be a time tarveler from e year 6491. He says he is stuck in and reveals at he is from ano er galaxy. He says he is a field analyst at studies different time periods and cultures and wants to share his tragic story. 22,  · Earlier is year, a man claimed to come back from 2030, revealing e following year to be a time for alien invasion. Yet, ano er man claims to come back, is time from 2028, to reveal ano er set of prophecies. is young bloke claims to be a time traveler from e year 2028. 28, 2003 · Reports at a man arrested for insider trading attributed his financial success to time travel are fake news. Become a Member. he claims to be a time-traveler from e year 2256! A man who claims to have traveled back in time has made several predictions about e future. e anonymous individual, who identifies himself only as Noah, agreed to be interviewed in a video at was recently uploaded to e controversial ApexTV YouTube channel. 12,  · Man who claims to be from e future ns at World III is coming ember 12, . by Rebelander Basilan Michael Phillips, who claimed to have been born in 2043, uncovered insights about World III. e Future Traveler via. Noah in America claims at he has traveled e future, he has seen it, lived in it rough 2030. Sounds weird to you? And now is Future Traveler says at he has come to tell e world at ere is going to be a Huge in e world. 27,  · A man who claims he is a time traveller has revealed who will be US president in 2045. e 'time traveller' also claims e future commander-in . ,  · ere is a man ough who claims he travelled to e year 2048, where he said he saw e future of e world, and now he’s back to give a terrifying ning for what’s in store for e whole humanity. A man named Bryant Johnson issued a ning to e Casper Police last Monday night when e officers got a call about him and his cryptic. e future is not necessarily bad, but e future is very different. e supposed time traveler claims to have video images to support his claim to be from e future. He shows an image to e camera, claiming at ey are flying cars and huge mega cities in e year 2045.(images of e year 2045). An Oklahoma Man jumped behind e counter and demanded food whilst making strange claims of coming from e future Dante Rashad Anderson, 36, at around .30pm on Friday walked into e Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, USA Carl's Jr restaurant, screaming at e top of his lungs and demanding at e workers give him food. Even if e elderly man’s claim seem ra er questionable, ey have sparked an animated debate in Israel and in e American Jewish community concerning e future of surviving Nazi criminals. Mossad had proved its ambition and global reach in e past wi e capture of Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann in 1960 in Argentina, but it has. 18,  · Denizens of e year 6000, e purported time traveler revealed, are governed by artificial intelligence which can perfectly predict e future. In an attempt to prove his fantastic claims, e young man en dramatically produces a blurry photo from his .

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