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9GAG is your best source of FUN! Explore 9GAG for e most popular memes, breaking stories, awesome GIFs, and viral videos on e internet! Prisons in Norway are often considered as models. Norwegian prisons have acceptable standards for material conditions. Most prisoners have eir own cell wi a toilet and can share kitchens wi o er inmates. Yet, e overuse of solitary confinement is very problematic. What Prison Insider knows about Norwegian prisons in . Key-figures, description of e everyday life in detention. Apr 12,  · Halden Prison in Norway looks sort of like a fancy dorm room or a hotel — much different from e barbed wire and cramped cells we often associate wi prison design. Its look is all part of. 11,  · U.S. prison officials and academics are increasingly looking to Norway's approach to incarceration for ideas to reduce recidivism rates at are higher Au or: Karen Bouffard. 06,  · It takes 12 weeks in e UK to train a prison officer. In Norway it takes two to ree years. Eight kilometres nor -east of Oslo in Lillestrom, an impressive white and glass building houses e. For more videos of World`s Best Crap, click: // is is e world's nicest prison: Halden Prison in Norway. It is opening in e spr. 20,  · Bastøy: Norway's island prison. In Norway, many of e prisons have more of an open-campus policy, such as e minimum-security prison on e island of Bastøy at has no fenced in areas. Of e 70 or so staff employed by e facility, only five stay on e island overnight. Here's a look inside one of Norway's maximum security prisons - Halden Prison - and just how e Norwegians approach criminal rehabilitation. Prepare to be awed. Source: YouTube. 28,  · However, ere is one prison is Norway at has been called e most humane prison in e world: Halden Prison. Halden Prison opened early in 20 wi a capacity of 252 prisoners. e prisoner cells include flat-screen televisions, which officials say are necessary so at prisoners have less room for drugs and contraband. It’s cold, wi really short days in e winter. Like, sunset is at 3 p.m. And it’s white. Like, really white—as in e descendants of Vikings. But in e city center of Oslo, Norway, black. 14, 2008 · T he entrance to Skien high security prison in sou ern Norway is as foreboding as any at might be imagined. e grey concrete walls are high and bleak – . 22,  · is is a wing of cells at Norway ’s Ringerike Fengsel, a high-security prison 40 miles outside e capital city Oslo. e squat building set wi in a grassy plot dotted wi tall trees and cut rough wi winding pa ways is surrounded by quiet, punctuated only by e sounds of seagulls. Prison systems look very different in Norway compared to e US. Norwegian crime rates are low and e recidivism rate is a mere 20 because eir prison system actually works. I took a tour of. He has headed a research team in Norway which has collaborated wi prison researchers at e University of Bucharest. e study has been conducted bo in Norwegian and Romanian prisons. «In Norway, e work of e correctional services is very much geared tods rehabilitation and e job of providing inmates wi opportunities to live. Modern, cheerful, quiet and peaceful, Halden Prison in Norway is known as one of e most humane prisons in e world. e sole goal of Halden is rehabilitation, and to at end no expense is spared on art to create a beautiful and inspiring atmosphere, bright and airy cells wi enclosed ensuites, bar-free windows, excellent workout facilities, a peaceful treed yard wi cheeseboards. e difference is at in Nordic countries e prison system is called 'Correctional treatment'. Emphasizing e word Treatment. It works because about 80 of criminals can be 'cured'. Where it doesn't work is in realizing at ose 20 can never be cured. But e question is, is it better to cure 80 or lock away 0 for as long as possible. 25,  · ere, people can be put in prison for up to 14 years just for being gay, and some states even have e dea penalty under Sharia law. Sweden . 24,  · If you get busted for speeding ey send you to Ilseng work camp where you have to make furniture etc. Conditions ere are good, and you will most likely get to know one or more Norwegian celebrities, since Ilseng labour camp (prison) is e on. e prison population rate jumped from 57 per 0,000 people in 2000 to 73 per 0,000 people in . Al ough is not be e highest jump, it still shows at ere is an increase of incarcerated people in Norway. Restorative justice in Norway. Norway has one of e lowest incarceration and recidivism rates of e world. 21,  · is is e focus in Norway, where very few people return to prison after ey have served eir punishment and often are successfully reintroduced into society. Bastoy prison is located on a beautiful island, where e ferry to e island is operated by a prisoner, e caterers are prisoners and each ‘family’ of prisoners reside in a self. An American prison superintendent takes a tour of a maximum-security prison in Norway. - Follow BI Video on. 12,  · If e linked articles are to be believed, it sounds like Norway is using its prison as a rehabilitation system, which makes a lot of sense to me. But, en, I’m a humanist. paulo says. ch 12, at 12:36 pm. e main difference,in my point of view, is e business aspect of e incarceration system in e US. 07,  · Norway has far fewer repeat criminals an e U.S., and eir prison system is a major reason for at. Here is e shocking difference between prisons in e Norway has far fewer repeat criminals an e U.S., and eir prison system is a major reason for at. Here is e shocking difference between prisons in e. Politics. 22,  · Sebastian’s answer is a my, a my which unfortunately many Norwegians believe. Business Insiders’ report was soon debunked by experts. Norge er ikke bedre på tilbakefall. e numbers probably included DUI offences and violence committed by non-. 16, - Explore Dorte Eam's board Norway's Prisons, followed by 315 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Prison, Norway, Incarceration.65 pins. As in o er countries, female inmates are a minority in Norway’s prison population, but e percentage of women in prison is growing. In Norway, e ratio was about 6 percent for many years but has now increased to about 9 percent. ere also seems to be a trend tods women committing more violent crimes and receiving longer sentences. Brazil. Carandiru (historical). Centro de Readaptação Provisória de Presidente Bernardes (Presidente Bernardes, São Paulo, Brazil) - inspired by e Supermax standards, al ough prisoners can only stay ere for a maximum of 2 years.. Penitenciária Federal de Catanduvas (Catanduvas, Paraná, Brazil) - also based on e Supermax standards.It is e first federal prison in Brazil, designed. 22,  · Halden prison spends more an $93,000 perinmate per year, compared wi just $31,000 on average for prisoners in e United States But Norway . Norway - Norway - Government and society: Norway is a constitutional hereditary monarchy. e government, comprising e prime minister and e Statsråd (Council of State), is nominally chosen by e monarch wi e approval of e Storting (Stortinget), e country’s legislature. Until 2009 e Storting operated as a bicameral body, ough most matters were addressed in unicameral plenary. I've no reasons to commit a crime and nor do I want to go to prison in Norway. I've a high living standard, so for me Norwegian prisons aren't luxury. ey've no WiFi access and you can't go outside when you wants. ere's no freedom. 2) It's absolutely inhumane. ey gets . Local social services took e woman's two children away from her. e younger son, Misha, a citizen of Norway, was delivered to his fa er. e elder son, Sasha, 13, a Russian citizen, was settled in a foster family. Also read: Russian mo er desperately fights for her abused children in Norway. Sasha's new parents do not let him use e computer. Feb 22,  · e gymnasium at Halden maximum-security prison in Halden, Norway, features a climbing wall. (Trond Isaksen/Statsbygg) Creating good neighbors is e goal of e Norwegian prison system, wi no. How Gangs Took Over Prisons. Originally formed for self-protection, prison gangs have become e unlikely custodians of order behind bars—and of crime on e streets. 25,  · ere are only 3,600 people in prison in is country, compared wi 2.3 million in e United States, according to e Bureau of Justice Statistics. Relative to population, e U.S. has about times as many inmates as Norway. More an 89 of Norway's jail sentences are less an a . Since e tour, Nor Dakota's prison system has begun implementing some changes in e spirit of what was learned in Norway ra er an replicating a Norwegian prison. Norway also has four state-owned heal au orities. e heal au ority where e prison is situated is responsible for e specialist services, for which it receives ear ked financial support from e state. Large prisons have a full-time heal care service inside e prison whereas smaller prisons have a . 24,  · * Norwegian prison study conducted using data from all isions in court from 2005 to 2009. * Scientists in e project followed 22,000 prisoners, who were all convicted of criminal activity. Norwegian prison study conducted using data from all isions in court from 2005 to 2009. Scientists in e project followed 22,000 prisoners, who were all convicted of criminal activity in Norway during e period. On average offenders served six mon s in jail. Norgerhaven, e prison now rented to Norway for at least ree years, is meant to be a temporary, win-win solution for bo countries. Behind e gates, about 240 convicts live in a half-enclosed. ,  · ough ACT is available in every U.S. state including Michigan, it's more widely available in Norway. e Bergen community of about 280,000 people has two ACT teams at treat 300 people, or . ere’s a better way to design prison architecture. Become a Video Lab member! // Halden Prison in Norway looks sort of like a fancy dor. 04,  · Norway, a country of 5.2 million, has just 3,900 prisoners. Pennsylvania, a state of 12.8 million, has 48,000, plus ousands more in county jails. 19,  · Prisons in Sweden, Norway and Finland have a smaller average inmate population, bigger cells and broader access to social services an jails . 07,  · We are prison 'officers' and of course we make sure an inmate serves his sentence but we also help at person become a better person. We are role models, coaches and mentors. And since our big reforms, recidivism in Norway has fallen to only 20 after two years and about 25 after five years. So is works!. 13,  · Reporter Ryan Duffy visited a Norway prison in 20 and was shocked to find no walls or chains, and guards at carried no weapons. Wi Norway's low . 12,  · SAW, Poland (AP) — Norway has granted asylum to a Polish man who had fled prison term for fraud and forging of documents, but says e prison term was a form of political persecution under Poland's right-wing government.Observers say at Rafal Gawel's case is e first time political asylum has been granted to a Pole in more an 30 years since e fall of communism in Poland. 03,  · A 23-year-old Louisiana man was sentenced on Monday to 25 years in prison for setting fire to ree predominantly Black churches in what federal prosecutors say was an .

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